Thursday, 19 September 2013

More Makings...

I really have been a busy bee! I'm making lots of extra stock ready for the looming Festive Season, trying to spread the work out over so that I don't have a last minute rush! It's been really good to be focussed with a great big to-do list and keep checking things off every day! 
 I've finished all of my polka dot robins now, I'm completely out of the fabric now. Altogether I made six free-standing and four with loops so they can hang in the tree, they're not going to last long though, they're already selling/being reserved!
I'm also crocheting lots of flowers, they are perfect for stocking fillers and have always been really popular so I'm making sure I have plenty in stock! 

 And I've been working on Granny Square kits! Very exciting!
So that's what's been happening over here! What are you up to?!

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