Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sharing my Sketchbook...

I have always enjoyed looking at photographs of sketchbooks. I love to see how other people use them to record their ideas, regardless of the discipline that they work in. So I thought that maybe I should share some bits and bobs from my sketchbooks and design sheet book to show how I work and how ideas progress...
The first sketches of my idea for my fabric brooches
Work for my square brooches. There are squares in the fabric design, so I picked out the shape, and then the colours for both the plastic and the cotton.
Trying out some colour combinations for my dot jewellery
The development of my dot necklace range, using the seven colours in the palette that I worked with
Sketches of the first batch of necklaces (all sold now!)
As well as my little square sketchbook, I have a landscape A4 book of design sheets. At university, design sheets were one of the things that we had to provide for assessments, and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy making them at the time because they had to be on huge A2 paper which was just too intimidating to work on. So now I have this little book, which is much less scary and I can happily fill a couple of pages with ideas. These pages are colour ideas for my crochet granny stripe blanket, which has been in the making for a while now...
Vintage-style patterns and prints
and vintage pyrex patterns. I like to add in samples of yarn so I can get an idea of how the colours work together. I think it's a pretty handy way to work. 
At the moment, I am working on sheets with images of garden birds for my fabric bird range. They are quite lovely so far, I will share soon!

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