Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Brooches

As promised, some photographs of my new brooches!
These brooches are made from "scraps" of fabrics from some of my personal projects! They are the absolute last of each style of fabric from my stash - I'm trying not to be precious and hoard little bits of odds and ends so this is the perfect solution, since I think it's quite a good way to make sure that all of the gorgeous fabric is appreciated! I'm planning to make a batch of these brooches every time I build up a collection of scraps, so there is bound to be more soon!
The new style of brooches has also made it's way into my gemmipop vintage range! These brooches have got vintage embroidered linen (which is leftover from larger pieces of fabric that I've used for birds and cushions)  framed by fabulous opal acrylic - it reminds me of Pyrex! There are only three in each style...
and I think that they are rather beautiful!
They are packaged up and ready to go on sale in my stall, I hope that they all find lovely homes!

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