Friday, 7 June 2013

New Brooches

I have lots of new brooches in the making this week! 
These ones are my first attempt at square brooches - the fabric I chose has a square in the design and it seemed like a good shape to pick out! I'm quite excited to see how the finished brooches look!
I've also got some more oval brooches in the works. These ones are slightly larger than the first ones that I made, because I want to squeeze in as much of the pattern as I can! I thought that the sunflower print was appropriate since summer seems to have finally arrived. 
The fabric for both of the designs is vintage, so the brooches will be limited edition. I'm really enjoying using some of my stash of fabric to make pretty brooches. I'll be sharing photographs as soon as they're done!
I've also been busy working on a commission order - I made two iPad covers for a lovely customer, the thistle pattern is Liberty fabric from the 1980s, and the spotty fabric started out as a very pretty skirt. I think they're both rather gorgeous!

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