Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day Out In Wolverhampton

Yesterday I took myself off for a little day out! I popped over to Wolverhampton and had a nice mooch around the charity shops, had lots of tea, and went to the Lighthouse independent cinema to see "The Great Gatsby", since I had finished the book less than an hour before it started! 
I also had a lovely look around Wolverhampton Art Gallery - the Tipping Point exhibition was really very interesting, in particular the "Wind Knitting Factory" by Merel Karhof which I absolutely loved! Unfortunately I missed the artist demonstration which was on Saturday, but I was totally mesmerised nonetheless!
What a wonderful invention, and so elegant! 
I am trying to make some time to go out and see new things, and remembering to take opportunities when they arise. Self employment is wonderful, but sometimes I forget to fill up on inspiration!

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