Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Creative Space

Today's actual creative space was a whole rainbow coloured explosion of finger-painting with two of my favourite little ladies, Eleanor and Isabelle, the three year old twins of a friend. We had a fantastic time slopping paint around, so much so that it completely slipped my mind to document it! So, instead, here are my latest finished projects - my crocheted fabric log basket...
And a very cute little pot for keeping my sock knitting safe! 
The only issue that I've found with crocheting fabric is that I end up with the little flappy bits on the reverse side, which are to do with the technique of making a sheet of fabric into a ball of yarn. It's an annoyance, but there isn't really a way to fix it so my perfectionist self will have to deal with it. Either which way, I have a delightful log basket!
I'm joining in with My Creative Space this week - pop over and have a look!

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