Monday, 29 April 2013

WonderWool Wales

I spent yesterday at WonderWool Wales, a huge wool and fibre event! There was so much to see, so many different colours and textures, and more crafty gadgets than I've ever seen in my life! I was pretty restrained when it came to shopping - I picked up two balls of gorgeous sock yarn, a pattern for a beautiful lace knit scarf and a fab WonderWool tote bag, but most importantly I have a head full of ideas! 
There were lots and lots of lovely stands, full of beautiful things made by some jolly talented people, it was quite overwhelming! One of the highlights of the day was this amazing life-sized knitted garden from WoolyKnit. The whole thing is stunning, but the little details were fabulous, including knitted bees on a knitted bowl of fruit, and the basket of knitted veggies, and all of the little critters hiding in the little nooks and crannys!
 There were also some rather lovely animal attractions, including sheep...

 and Angora bunnies!
So cute! It was a lovely day, so full of inspiration, and I can't wait to get started on my new scarf and more socks!

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