Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ta-Da Tuesday

I've had a very productive week so far, despite spending a fair amount of time fighting off a grotty headache. I love knitting and crocheting in equal measure, and tend to get carried away with one or the other. At the moment I'm on a crochet kick, working on new flower brooches for my stall and a granny stripe blanket for my cosy home. 

I love making blankets - there's something lovely about snuggling up under a home-made blanket, particularly when we seem to be having a terribly long winter. At the moment it feels like it's never going to end. But the bright side is blankets and I'm fine with that. 
I'm joining in with Ta-Da Tuesday this week, pop on over to Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping to see the most spiffy 8th Birthday cake ever!!

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  1. You're not wrong - this Winter is ridiculous, it's all gone a bit Game of Thrones.

    I wish I could be half as prolific as you - lovely makes!


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