Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Creative Space

I spent rather a large portion of this week unable to leave the house because of a mountain of snow, but I made sure I had plenty to do - I made myself this cosy little nook on my living room floor and got to work!
I've been managing to keep a sketchbook again for a while now, but I'm working mostly in black and white so I've started a bigger book for colour references. It's working pretty well for me...  

 As well as pages and pages of designs, I've been working on what will eventually be a large cushion cover, which will match one of my favourite blankets. It's a nice stash buster project too, I hate throwing away odds and ends of yarn so this is a good way to use them up. 
I've also been working on socks. Shocking I know...
So I've made the most of several snow days, keeping busy and very cosy!
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  1. I wouldn't want to leave your cozy little nook! How fun!

  2. Looks like the perfect spot!!!

  3. these pictures are so lovely and cozy!


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