Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ta-Da Tuesday!

 My Ta-Da moment this week is my finished pair of fingerless gloves! I started the second glove on Friday evening and worked on it at Stitch and Bitch, then picked it up again on Sunday, messed up the cable completely and had to rip back to the rib...Despite the stress (and wasted hours...) I am absolutely thrilled with them! 
And now I'm working on a second pair of Frankensocks, which I may have accidentally started before I finished the gloves...
I am enjoying knitting both socks at once, they seem to grow more quickly and I don't have the "second sock syndrome" issue that I normally have. I also really like the thrifty satisfaction of using up waste yarn too!
I'm joining in with Ta-Da Tuesday over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping!


  1. Love the gloves. I managed to knit one and messed up the second one but never got round to finishing it! Socks look fab too. Amanda x

    1. Thanks Amanda, I am so pleased with them! I was so close to giving up on the second one, and I knew I'd give up if I put it down so I just kept going until it was done! I'm glad I did too, they're pretty snazzy!xx

  2. Cor, you're so good at this. They look fab, are you sure you didn't sneakily buy them from Topshop? ;-)


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