Monday, 7 January 2013

Reading 2012

So I've finished my reading challenge - this was the plan I made in January 2012... 

With the exception of October and December, I managed to stick to this for the whole year, but despite those two months, I have more than passed my target, and actually finished 63 books in 2012!
I was going to post a whole list, but instead, here are the links to the blog posts from the end of each month...

With certain obvious exceptions (ahem, Fifty Shades, ahem), I've read some really fantastic books this year, and as I had hoped, I have found that setting myself this challenge has benefited me more generally, and I have always found the time to read which suggests that I have been using my time more wisely...So I will be starting my challenge afresh for 2013, and I am already a good way through "The Hobbit"!

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