Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Ta-Da Tuesday!

I've been so very busy over the last couple of weeks, but I've tried to remember to have a little bit of time to do relaxing things like knit socks, and last night I finished my latest pair! 
 I have given them their first outing today, and they really are snuggly and fabulous! Of course, as soon as they were off the needles I started my next pair, but these ones are a little bit different - I am knitting both socks at once because they are stash busting Frankenstein's Monster socks, made from the ends of other balls of sock yarn! 
I think because I have fairly teensy feet I seem to end up with loads of yarn left at the end of a pair of socks, so it seemed like a good idea to be thrifty and make a pair from leftovers, since sock yarn isn't the cheapest, and I have pretty much tried every colour-way in my local yarn shop already!
This is the beginning of the first sock, and this evening I will be catching up with the second! 
My other recent thrifty efforts have involved picking up cheap jumpers from charity shops and unravelling them for the yarn...
This is all 100% cotton! The inspiration for this came from my lovely friend Becca over at AlterKNITive, she's been running a very informative knitting course, and last Wednesday was all about recycling! I haven't finished unravelling the white yet, but I am absolutely amazed at how much good quality yarn I have for less than £8! It's taken some time to undo it all, but I think it's been worth it! The other advantage is that it's absolutely necessary that I go charity shopping!!
I'm joining in with Ta-Da Tuesday today over at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping (there's a lovely giveaway over there too!)


  1. I love the idea of using up extra bits and pieces of yarn to make miss matched socks. Then they don't have to be paired up to put them on. Just pull two out of the drawer and put them on! Brilliant!! I wish I could knit socks. Maybe I will put it on my new years resolution list.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Lovely socks! Sorry, I've had no laptop so I'm only just starting to catch up with everyone. Check out my latest post - I have some good news for you! xx


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