Monday, 22 October 2012

Blogtoberfest day #22

I've had lots of very organised people visiting my stall to pick up Christmas presents over the last couple of weeks, so as well as big plans for Christmas decorations, and making more for my gemmipop vintage range, I've been working on some of my regular stock! 
 Yo-yo brooches have always been one of my favourite things to make - I love looking through my fabric stash for the perfect colour combinations, and choosing a button that is just right to finish it off. These brooches will be in my stall on Wednesday!
And just to share the yarn love - I picked up some beautiful sock yarn and crochet cotton yesterday! There has been much debate amongst myself and my fellow sock knitting enthusiasts about the selection of yarn that is available from our local yarn shop - we are at a stage where we all have very similar socks since the shop only stocks about seven different colour-ways of the same brand, so we're all on the lookout for new possibilities!  I picked this up on a day out in Chester so I could try it, I'm hoping it's going to make a fancy pattern! I got the crochet cotton just because it was pretty, I don't have any plans for it yet...
The purpose of my day out yesterday (aside from having a lovely day out with my husband and his parents) was to drop some more jewellery in to my newest stockist, a really fabulous shop and gallery called Funky Aardvark!
I'm really excited to be involved with such an interesting project, and my jewellery seems to have been pretty popular already! The shop sells handmade crafts, and some craft materials (including my new crochet cotton), and there is a fantastic gallery space - it really is a wonderful place! 

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