Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blogtoberfest day #20 - makings!

I've been making some new embroidered fabric birds for my gemmipop vintage range today. I really do enjoy working with vintage fabrics, they are so beautiful and inspiring! 

 This bird is already sold! She's the only one to have the full rose on the side rather than just the blossoms - it was a quirk in the embroidery that it was the only rose that was positioned correctly to work for a bird, and she really is beautiful. I will be giving her legs on Wednesday and then she will be off to her new home!
These are some of the other birds - they have yellow blossoms on one side and blue ones on the other. I will be giving them legs on Wednesday and then they will be on sale in my stall!
After such a busy day I am going to be spending the evening knitting!


  1. These are just so gorgeous - I'm not surprised one has sold already x

    1. Thanks so much, they really are pretty, and I really love making them!


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