Monday, 17 September 2012

Top Hats 2012

The hats that have been made this year are amazing, and I've made an effort that every single one is in a photograph (see yesterday's post), but there are some that are particularly fancy that I wanted to share! 
I'm always so pleased when I open bags of hats that have been delivered, it's like Christmas looking through them all and seeing how much effort has gone into them - I love seeing all the bright colours and fancy stitches, and the little details that have been added. It's been my absolute pleasure to have organised a knit along for a second year! I had a delivery of 109 hats to my house yesterday, which takes the total for this year up to 1160, so between the two years, we've raised £496.75 for AgeUk, having made 1987 hats!! 

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  1. they look great, I've managed to knit 20 for my first year on my own as I couldn't find a knitting group to join near me. Amanda x


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