Sunday, 30 September 2012


I had a little bit of time for thrifty shopping this week in amongst all of the crazy backwards and forwards that  seemed to be going on! I picked up a beautiful table cloth on Tuesday, which was the focus of My Creative Space post this week, and on the same trip found this beautiful vintage tapestry knitting bag! 
It was only £3, and I think it's absolutely delightful. I will be putting a pair of half finished socks in there, as well as my knitted squares which will eventually be a blanket, so that they can all come to Stitch and Bitch and get finished off!
I am joining in with Thrift-a-long over at divajools, do pop over to have a look!


  1. The bag is gorgeous and just right for knitting projects on the go. I love what you have done with the tablecloth too - the birdies are really sweet and I admire that you eeked out every last scrap of embroidery and are putting it to use!

  2. I love thrift shopping, you never know that jems you'll find. Lovely knitting bag, perfect, as you say for socks lol


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