Sunday, 16 September 2012


I didn't have much time to have a mooch around the charity shops this week, but I did sneak a quick look on Thursday and this is what I picked up...
A very gorgeous yellow floral pillow case which was 39p, nine blank cassettes for my new tape player, which were 20p each, and a very pretty new bag! So when I actually get a second, I will be making awesome mix tapes and something pretty with the pillow case, and possibly having some thrifty time!
I'm joining in with Thrift-along with Divajools, do pop over to say hello!

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  1. looking forward to seeing what becomes of the pillow case - it is very nice pattern isn't it? Is the bag embroidered? Still loving the idea of you using cassette tapes - there are so many in op shops it must be hard to resist buying them by the armload! Thanks for joining in!


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