Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Creative Space

I picked up a really beautiful vintage embroidered tablecloth on Tuesday - I just loved the colours, and straight away had a very specific plan for it...
This is the corner decoration, repeated on all four corners...
And a close up of floral detail, just because it's so lovely! 
Yesterday I cut it all up so that there would be as many birds as possible, and where there were leftover flowers (for example, where they were too widely spread for a bird) I have cut them into circles for brooches, so that none of the beautiful embroidery goes to waste. 
This is the first bird to be sewn up - the fabric has quite an open weave so I've made them slightly larger than my usual birds so that the seam can be further in. I'm rather pleased with it, and will be sharing more photographs of the birds and the brooches when they are all finished!
I'm joining in with My Creative Space over here!

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  1. these will make the prettiest birdies, they are lovely embroidery colours. gorgeous idea (although the thought of cutting into vintage linen scares me a little!) :)sarah


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