Monday, 10 September 2012

Cosy Crochet Days

It's been a rainy old day and so I decided to have a cosy time at home. I finished the book I was reading ("Lawless" by Matt Bondurant) and worked on some crochet squares. They started as a bit of a whimsy - a couple of weeks ago I picked up some lovely orange yarn (the top square) from a charity shop to add to my chevron blanket and had a bit left over, but not enough for a knitted square for the blanket I was already working on. So I ended up making a couple of 10 x 10cm squares while I was just sat watching a film, and now I have thirty of them! I'm trying to use up odds and ends of yarn, mostly leftover from my most recent granny square blanket
I'm enjoying the beginning of Autumn - the air is crisp and slightly chilly, and the leaves are starting to drop - I'm sure there are lots of cosy crochet days ahead!


  1. I had a rainy, cozy day on Friday. Isn't it fun? Your squares are looking good!

    Cindy Bee

    1. I love a good sofa day! I'm really pleased with the squares, I've started plotting how to put them all together!xx


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