Sunday, 16 September 2012

Big Knit 2012

Yesterday, with the help of my friends Sam and Martin, I counted, photographed and bagged up 1000 hats for AgeUK and Innocent Smoothie. Our total by the end of the day was 1051, so I'm hoping we'll get a couple more over the next week to make it to 1100 - I'm going on a hat delivery adventure (think Lord of the Rings with Woollens...) on Monday 24th September so I'll be accepting hats until then!
 As well as the many many hats, I wanted to share some of the lovely Twitter comments from the last month - amongst others, these came in on the Wednesday after the knitting day on the stall - 

And these ones were from yesterday when I posted the total - 
I am so proud of what we've achieved, there's been so much work by so many people, it has been amazing, and the best bit is, all of our hard work equates to £262.75 for AgeUK. That makes me so very happy. 

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