Friday, 24 August 2012

T'was the Night Before Knitting...

It's come around so quickly - tomorrow is the the Big Knit Along that I am hosting in my stall! It's been mentioned in the local papers several times and I'm hoping we'll have a good turn out! So far there are about 250 hats in the stall and there are lots and lots more promised!
Today I set everything out ready for the arrival of the knitters - yarn, needles, patterns and pom-poms (ready-mades and templates) - there is a bowl of hats waiting for pom-poms, but I think I've recruited a couple of people who are pom-pom proficient, so we'll soon get them finished and hung up! I'm so excited!
I'm looking forward to sharing pictures of the day -  I'm really hoping it will be a big success!

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