Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I must confess that I've been spending rather a lot of time smelling the roses of late (they're very pretty orange roses, but nontheless...) and things seem to have gotten away from me ever so slightly, so I thought a catch up would be appropriate! Here are some of the little projects I've been quietly working away on...

I have finished ten knitted squares now for my big blanket, I'm thinking of making it 5x5 squares so I'm getting on for half way! I will probably rearrange the order lots of times before I join them up...
I am also working on this crochet circle, which I originally planned as a cover for a small stool, but I'm undecided, I mostly just wanted to try it out!
As well as these two projects, I'm halfway through a sock (I've been struck by the dreaded second sock syndrome...), and my chevron blanket needs about another 10 or 15 rows, but it is so big now that I need a chilly day to finish it since it wraps around me as I work on it! It's looking fabulous, and it's so cosy!
I've also been rather busy making hats for the AgeUK/Innocent Smoothie Big Knit campaign - my knit along day in my stall is this Saturday and there are more than 140 hats already on display, with another 160 promised, and lots of people coming for the day! I'm really hoping we can pass last year's final total of 827 and meet our target of 1000!
I guess I actually have been quite busy, just not so good at updating here...


  1. Is that knitted blanket made out of the same type of yarn, just different colors? Because I was wondering what it would look like using all different kinds of yarn, but just making sure the squares are the same size. I have a huge stash I need to use up.

    Good luck this weekend. I hope you meet your goal.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Hi Cindy! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! They are indeed the same yarn in different colours, it's all just double knit. I'm really enjoying having a nice simple knitting project.xx


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