Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oswestry Show

Since I left university two years ago (yikes, time flies...) I've attended quite a few craft fairs and seasonal fairs, as well as running my stall for three days a week, but last Saturday I attended my first really big event, which was Oswestry Show. 
Oswestry is the town where I live. It's a relatively small town on the Welsh border, and it is a beautiful place. It has a substantial agricultural heritage, and Oswestry Show is traditionally a very big event in the community and the region - this was it's 127th year and apparently 18,000 people attended!

I shared a stand with my good friends Lowri and Linda from Siop Cwlwm, the Welsh language shop which is a neighbour to my stall in Oswestry Market. We've been plotting and planning for the Show for months, even setting out a full-sized version of the stand a few weeks ago to work out the space! We spent Friday preparing and packing stock, and set up the stand after we had finished in the Market on Friday evening, and we arrived early on Saturday morning for the finishing touches - we were pretty pleased with the stand!
It was really bright and colourful, we both had new stock for the show, and we were so excited! We chatted to lots of people, and hopefully lots of people will come to see us in the Market.
Unfortunately we were hit by an apocalyptic storm at around 4pm, two hours before we were due to pack up, and we ended up with a river running though our stand!! We kept smiling though...mostly...
This was after the water had receded a little bit - I'm jolly glad I wore Wellington Boots!

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