Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Markets are Ace!

I may be a little biased, but I really love Oswestry Market. I know I have a stall in there, but it really is a pretty fab place! I had a chat this morning with my lovely friend (and former stall neighbour) Bob - he has a record shop downstairs - and we were discussing the near-obsolete format of cassette tapes. Now, I've always liked tapes, and have been saying to Bob for a while that I think they're due a come-back in the same way as vinyl, and today I happened to mention that on my "want list" is a personal cassette player (we always knew them as a "Walkman", but of course that was just the brand). So Bob disappears, and comes back with this little treasure...     
It was brand new in the box, instructions and everything!!!

So this evening I have been digging around in the black hole that is our spare room, to find some of my tapes!
This is just what I've found so far, but I'm pretty sure there's a shoebox in the attic too!
So in a round about way, what I am getting at here is that this is  the reason why I love my little market, and markets in general. There's no other shopping experience like it - they are a treasure trove of weird and wonderful things, full of people who genuinely know a lot about what they do, and where you never know what you will find. Bob made my day today, and I think that's pretty ace. 

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