Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flea Market Finds

It's been a rather good week for finds, in fact possibly the best I've ever had EVER...
It started well on Thursday, we went for a day out and I found this sweet little record player...
and this very kitsch little ceramic dog...
but the find that made the week the best week ever was this little lady....
She's an original 1972 Kenner Blythe Doll! I can't take the credit for actually finding her, it was my fantastically awesome Mother in Law, who volunteers in a charity shop and has been on the lookout for this Holy Grail of dollies for me for a long time. I had the phone call on Friday, that she had been found in a bag of stuff that had been donated! I spoke to the shop manager and gave her an idea of how much I was able to pay for her, and said that if, when she had done some research (ebay etc), she was out of my price range, I would help her with the details and have a look at what kind of shape she was in so she could be listed on ebay. Anyway, it was arranged that she would go home with my MIL, so that my husband could pop around to take photographs of her for me, and had a look at her to see what kind of state she was in - she had a really tangled mess of musty hair and has a crack across her bottom so her legs fall out (which I believe gave my husband a bit of a fright), but besides that she was just a bit grubby. She was wearing the Purple Pinafore jumpsuit and skirt, but also had the Golden Goddess dress. 
When the photos came through on my email I nearly burst with excitement, but I had to keep it together as I was in the middle of a field setting up the stand for the show that I went to yesterday (more about that soon), I was just so thrilled that she actually was a Blythe - there was a part of me that was just so shocked that one had turned up that it wasn't until I saw the photo that I believed it! So apparently a quick negotiation took place (I am still in a field at this point waiting for a phone call) and not long after dolly was strapped into the passenger seat of the car and on her way to her new home!! She really is quite lovely, I gave her a bath and washed her hair, so now she's peachy fresh and tangle free! She doesn't have a name yet, but she's already settling in quite well. So that was my week of finds!
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  1. Ooh she's lovely! I'm not a ceramic dog kind of girl but a slightly spooky Blythe doll - yes please!

  2. I've been looking for a kenner doll for sooo long, everytime I got charity shopping or to boot sales I keep an eye out her at a bargain price. Very jealous x


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