Saturday, 25 August 2012

Big Knit Along 2012

It's been a lovely day of knitting in my stall today! We started the day with 243 hats, and by 9.30am we'd had some delivered and we were already up to 317 - bearing in mind that last year we reached 300 at lunch time! The final tally for the day was 459 hats, so we've almost reached the halfway point for the target! I have set a deadline for 15th September for the hats to be delivered to me, so there's still plenty of time but I'm so glad we did so well today! 
Some of the hats!
(L-R top to bottom) Martin, Anne, Vicky and Sam!

I had lots of happy helpers - There were two early birds who arrived by 9.30 - Vicky who was crocheting hats, and Sam who was making pom-poms! Also on Pom-Pom making were fellow knitter Anne, and Martin who not only helped with the pom-poms but delivered 70 hats that his lovely wife Kay had made! My mum arrived at lunch time with 20 hats and a big tin of cookies that my sister had kindly made for us, and we were later joined by my lovely friends Samantha, Graeme and their sweet little girl Abigail (also bringing yummy biscuits!) and their friend Paula! Many thanks to them all for coming and helping, it was  a lovely day!


  1. what a great achievement
    well done all of you
    blessings xx

  2. wow that a lot of little innocent hats! I've made a start but my goal is about 25 and I'm half way there now. Amanda x


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