Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Making Update!

Things have been quite hectic in my little world of late, but I'm still quietly working away on four projects. The thing is, they're all quite big projects that are taking time, so there aren't any "ta-da - finished" moments to be had, so I thought I'd share some progress photos! 
My chevron blanket is coming on well, it's the perfect rainy day project and there's been quite a few of those lately! I spent Sunday sat on my parent's living room floor watching the Jubilee festivities wrapped up in it as I added seven new rows. It's not a convenient carry around project, but still, it's growing slowly! 
This Cath Kidston "Sew" embroidery is a bit more portable, but I have to confess, that once I'd finished the pattern, filling in the white background was a bit boring, and it got put in my basket of "Work in Progress" stuff, where it almost became an "Unfinished Project"...
But I pulled it out last week and it's coming along nicely, I just want to put about another five rows around the edges to make it a bit bigger. I've always planned to make it into a cushion, but I'm not sure if I'm going to sew the back or use fabric - there are pros and cons to both - I think sewn would look better, but am I going to spend another year working on it if I do that?! 
I'm also working on a sock, it's a bit of the dreaded second-sock-syndrome again, but I'm getting there slowly. My last project is the granny square blanket that I'm really in love with! I've made so much progress in such a short time with it, and I'm hoping to start putting it together by the end of the week - only twenty-two squares to go! 
So hopefully soon I will have some finished projects to share, I'm definitely not starting anything new...

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