Sunday, 29 April 2012


Today I went to WonderWool Wales in Builth Wells with my lovely friend Lowri. We arrived just after it opened and our first stop was the Alterknitive stand to visit two of my Stitch and Bitch ladies, Becca and Rachell. Their stand looked fab, complete with 'knicker bunting' which we all contributed to, and they seemed to be doing really well. We walked around all of the stands, and one of the highlights for me was the Toft Alpaca Shop stand, with two of their beautiful Alpacas!

They were really quite charming and made a very sweet noise that sounded like a kitty - I hope that meant that they were happy, they were certainly very popular! 
I'm so inspired by all of the beautiful things that I've seen today, and I picked up a fair bit of information to have a look at this evening...

I only bought a couple of things while I was there...

A beautiful brooch from Mud Rabbit made from a vintage embroidered sheet. These are some of my favourite colours at the moment so it seemed like a good choice. There were lots of other pretty things on their stall, including notebooks, pin books and purses! It was all really quite lovely!
 I also bought some wool - it would have been a bit odd to come home from a yarn and fibre festival without any wool so I thought I'd better get some! This is 100% wool, and again in some of my favourite colours. I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with it, but whatever it ends up being, it will be a reminder of our lovely day!
I thought I would share some links to some of my favourite stands...

There were lots of other fantastic stands, I'm already looking forward to next year, but hopefully next year will be less rainy!

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