Monday, 2 April 2012

Shopping for Supplies!

This morning I went on the hunt for supplies for a couple of projects, and I actually managed to get everything that was on my list! I am planning to have a Jubilee display in one of my cabinets in my stall - I decided to make some fabric pom-poms after my previous attempts went well, so I picked up some t-shirts to cut up in red, white and blue from the sale rail in my favourite charity shop. 
I have already made the white t-shirt into a ball, and I'll be working on the rest tomorrow. 
I also picked up a bunch of crochet cotton from the yarn shop...

I got these just because they were pretty, but the rest were for my Jubilee plans...

 I'll share some photos as my plans progress, I am going to make some special jubilee jewellery!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gemma!

    I love the jubilee pom pom idea, looking forward to seeing some photos when you have made them.
    I've also been playing with crochet cotton in the last couple of days, it's turning into an obsession...

    Have a good week!



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