Wednesday, 11 April 2012


My holiday from online shenanigans is over, and I'm safely installed in my stall today and catching up with everything! We had a lovely three-day break in London, just to make sure that we both really did have some time off, and we had a very jolly time...
We went to Tate Britain on Sunday, and stumbled across the Real Food Market on the South Bank as we took a detour walking back to Covent Garden, where there were the usual fantastic street performers, and I happened to look the right way and spotted Rob Ryan's contribution to The Big Egg Hunt! It's lovely! 
On Monday we took shelter from the rain in the Natural History Museum, where we saw the Gunther Von Hagens Body Worlds Animal Inside Out Exhibition, which was amazing (and not at all icky, which I had feared!), and we wandered over to the Science Museum and the V&A. Later on we went to the movies to see "21 Jump Street" (it's silly, but entertaining). 
And yesterday we went to Tate Modern for the Alighiero Boetti "Game Plan" exhibition and the Damien Hirst retrospective, which has elements that really are quite unpleasant, but it's still a very interesting exhibition, and we particularly enjoyed seeing the diamond encrusted skull "For the Love of God", which is in the Turbine Hall. We finished up our break with a trip to Camden Market, where I picked up an olive green cardigan with a lace collar, two dress tops and a purple vegetarian satchel, something I've been wanting for a long while!

So today I am working my way through orders and emails, and catching up with my blog feed, as well as keeping busy in my stall! I've also got a half-finished Granny square to work rest for the wicked as they say!

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