Friday, 20 April 2012

Granny a Day - 30 Square round-up

Here are my first thirty Granny a Day squares, I really love them! I'm enjoying the challenge of making new squares, and I've learnt some new techniques and stitches as I go along, which was the whole point really! 
Square twenty-one - from this pattern with some adaptations!
Square twenty-two - from here
Square twenty-three - from here
Square twenty-four - from here
Square twenty-five - from here
Square twenty-six - from here  with an adaptation on the outside round (I'd be happy to share how I did it if anyone wants to know!)
Square twenty-seven - from here
Square twenty-eight - Motif #117 from "Beyond The Square crochet motifs" book
Square twenty-nine - Motif #100 from "Beyond The Square crochet motifs" book
Square thirty - Motif #105 "Beyond The Square crochet motifs" book

The details for the first twenty squares can be found here, and to see everyone else that's playing along with Granny a Day pop over to see lovely Pip at Meet Me at Mike's!

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