Monday, 16 April 2012


I must confess that I never got on very well with ceramics when I was at uni. I hated the idea of putting something in a kiln and just hoping that it wouldn't blow up. I admit it, I'm a big 'fraidy cat, and I wimped out. But as a result of my insight into the workmanship and skill that goes into it, I've always had a huge amount of respect for people that work with ceramics, and I have spent quite a lot of admiring the Chinese Ceramics gallery in room 95 of the British museum. 
I particularly enjoyed seeing the collections of very beautiful porcelain, they are all so elegant, and although most of the time I am drawn to bright colours, I found the bright white and the plain surfaces really inspiring!

There were also fantastically decorative pieces - I found the bowl on the right on the British Museum website,  it is described as openwork trellis from the Ming dynasty 1573-1620 and I assume the others are similar (there are nearly 1000 items under the category  of Chinese White Ware, I can live with the assumption!), they really are stunningly detailed!
I visited the British Museum yesterday, having tagged along with hubby's latest meeting, and had a jolly nice day out!

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