Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sock Knitting

I finished my pink socks on Wednesday, and as I uploaded some photographs of my various sock knitting shenanigans on my facebook page last night, I realised that I have finished seven pairs of socks now! It doesn't seem like a huge number, but I am really very proud that I have mastered the art of sock knitting - something that I had convinced myself was far too difficult for me!
Here are six of my seven pairs - I don't seem to have a photograph of my husband's pair...I shall have to grab one next time he wears them (he wears them quite often, it always makes me very happy!). I'm not sure which yarn to use next, I have about five balls of sock yarn stashed away, so I should probably get cracking! I love that sock knitting is so portable - it is gaining advantage on crochet purely because it is one ball at a time used to make something small, as opposed to crocheting squares, where you generally need a couple of colours, or blankets which could be one colour but are far to big to carry around. I am thinking about making some kind of zip-up bag that's the right size for all of my carrying around stuff for sock knitting, that I can just move from bag to bag as I go along...I'm wondering if that might be slightly obsessive?!

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  1. You can't beat a pair of hand knitted socks!
    Well done.

    Fleur xx


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