Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Bag!

For days now I have been planning to use some of the gorgeous fabric that I picked up last week to make a bag for myself, so when I found myself with a completely crossed-off to-do list I thought I'd get on and do it! I've tried out a "T-Junction" (according to Cath Kidston "Sew!") seam on the bottom, I hadn't done one before and I'm pretty pleased with how it worked! I've lined it with pin-prick polka dot fabric in red and white and I think it turned out pretty well!
So now it just needs a good iron and it's ready to be used. I think it's quite lovely!

It's been a very busy day - this morning I had a meeting with my Princes Trust mentor over a cup of tea. He is a very nice chap and jolly helpful, I always look forward to our meetings. After that I went up to the stall to laser cut an order that I've had for some brooches for a wedding, and made a few bits of stock too. 
When I got home I made all of the labels that I needed for everything, and sent some emails, ordered some jewellery findings and did some new yo-yo making kits. I love productive days!


  1. Your bag is lovely. I sure wish I could have a productive day like you have had. I never seem to quite get it together. And what bargains you got at the charity shop the other day. I have a friend that I can do that with too. Isn't it fun.

    Cindy Bee

    1. I love having a friend that gets excited about the same things that I do, it's just fab! We always grab lots of bargains when we're out together too, I suppose because we really take our time and look properly!

  2. Gorgeous bag! I love productive days too!

  3. It's really pretty isn't it?! I'm going to try it out tomorrow, see how I get on with the new type of seam!!

  4. Now that is class Gem.....well done


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