Sunday, 25 March 2012


After my crafty mishap yesterday I decided to spend some time working on my zip-fitting skills. I haven't ever had any instruction in sewing so I think I probably do things the hard way, and I've tried to tackle zips a couple of times with varying success. I found out yesterday that my new stall-neighbour is a trained seamstress, and we had a chat about zips, and it would seem that I'm pretty much doing it right, I just needed some of the sneaky tricks that she knew to get it right! So I started out by making a large bag for carrying around my knitting, and then a smaller bag to go inside it for my hooks and random bits and bobs!

I used some of the stash that I picked up a couple of weeks ago for the large bag, and it has plain yellow fabric for the lining. The floral bag is from the gorgeous Laura Ashley samples that I was given recently, and I used a different pattern in the same colours for the lining...
I feel like I'm making progress with my sewing, but I think I might look into going to a local sewing course because I think some of the little tips that I've missed out on by being self-taught might make my sewing adventures a little bit more straightforward!

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  1. I think it looks great. Really pretty fabric and I think the zip looks good :) I taught myself to put in zips too (I'm sure I do it all wrong). One thing I learnt very quickly was; if using lining, putting the zip in between the two fabrics, covers up a multitude of sins!


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