Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lots of shopping!

I went out this afternoon with my shopping partner-in-crime Vicky - we had a lovely day and a pretty fabulous haul!
I got six fabric samples - they're quite big pieces so I'm sure I can do lots with them...
as well as five pillow cases - two plain and three floral
This fabric is a lovely skirt that I tried on, but discovered it was full of holes on the seams, so rather than put it out for rags, I made a donation because I couldn't let her throw out such beautiful fabric! I also got these beads, which we were both tempted by but left, because we both had the dilemma over hat to wear them with, but in the end I decided to go back and get them - they were just too sweet to leave behind!
We both picked up more sock yarn, which was quite a bargain (for sock yarn that is...£4 for 100g), so that's another one to add to my stash! Vicky got the same yarn in a lovely bright orange and pink colour-way, so we're both going to have snazzy feet!
I picked up this lovely floral pot for the window-sill herb garden that I will be potting up soon. I try it every year with teacups and various pretty pots, but I'm hopeless at remembering to water them, so this year will be my last try. This is the fabric flower brooch I picked up yesterday, it's lovely, and I wish I knew who made it, but there was no information in the gallery shop. 
This was my bargain of the day...

I found this cardigan in the last shop we went to, and  I absolutely love it! It's from White Stuff, and was £4.75. It's so cute, I love the flowerpot pocket! 
I think I did pretty well on the shopping front - I spent  less than £25 all day, and that was including lunch, and now I'm full of inspiration for making pretty things tomorrow. I have bag-making in mind for some of the florals, so I think I'll start there. I have already decided to make one of the pieces into a bag for myself, because I've been completely smitten with it all day!  It's been such a lovely day, there aren't many people who I could sit on a charity shop floor with and  root through piles of fabric!

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