Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I started this hat quite a long time ago, in fact it features in my post from November about unfinished projects...
Well, I picked it up again on Sunday, having knitted about 2 1/2 inches of it, and I finished it this evening. I had intended to put Fox ears on it, but I'm undecided now that it's finished. I really like the pattern, although I'm not sure it works with my masses of hair. I really do have ridiculously thick hair, so I think the calorimetry is the way to go for me. 
But it has to be said, I love this colour. And I've finished an old project, so I think that's pretty spiffy! I still have lots still to finish, but small steps I guess! I'm doing pretty well at keeping new projects under control - I am  only working on a couple of things at the moment; a chevron blanket, pink socks, an African Flower Hexagon blanket, and my circular Rag-Rug, and once they're all done I can work through the old stuff! 

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