Saturday, 17 March 2012

Granny A Day, and a Very Special Visitor!

Finally, here is my first "Granny a Day" Square! I'm a couple of days behind, because I have been quite poorly with Tonsillitis (It's official now - a doctor has finally confirmed what I'd been suspecting for days!), but I had a chance to work on this between customers. I started out following the Catherine Wheel pattern in the "200 Crochet Blocks" book but found it was all bunching and curling on the third round (navy), so I tried a couple of things to flatten it out, and in the end what worked best was using two trebles in the spaces instead of three. So from there on I pretty much followed the pattern, but I had to alter it a bit to allow for the changes (I have it all written down if anyone is interested in trying it). 
So, I got to the end of the pattern, and I really wasn't keen on the lacey edge bit (it seemed pretty floppy and made the whole square too big), so I undid it back to the forth row and did a double crochet edge. I rather like how it came out though, despite the fact that it was a bit of a pain to get it right!
I'm going to have a look through the book this evening and pick a new square to try tomorrow!

I opened the stall today, despite still being quite poorly, for two reasons (aside from the obvious bloody-mindedness) - one was the tomorrow is Mother's Day and I knew that there were customers coming to see me, and the other was that we were having a very special visitor to the market and I didn't want to miss out...
(and I even got a special visit to my stall!)
As part of the annual "Oswestry Lit Fest" the Gruffalo came to visit Siop Cwlwm, and there was a special story session of the Welsh version of the book - it was lovely to see all of the children getting so excited!
And of course I couldn't resist getting a hug! 

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