Monday, 26 March 2012

Candle Making

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing with my lovely husband - we went to pick out some plants and spent the afternoon pottering around the garden, chatting to the hens and spotting ladybugs as we went! When all of our garden jobs were done, my other half washed the eggs and made cups of tea, and I got started on making some tea cup candles! We've been saving all of the excess wax from the candles in our living room,  and I've had a stash of teacups put aside until we had enough. So here they are...

They're all different colours from the mix of wax that we had, apart from the two pink ones that are in snazzy jam jars - I found a stick of red candle wax dye so I threw it in with some old white candles to make these two, and they came out strawberry milkshake pink! I couldn't resist lighting one as soon as it was set...
So cute! I love that we've managed to recycle our excess candle wax too, I hate wasting anything!

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