Friday, 30 March 2012

Buttons Buttons Buttons!

Today I had one of my favourite jobs to do - sorting buttons! I bought these buttons last Saturday from a customer - there was a carrier bag full! So I started sorting, and this was what my desk looked like...
 It was so full that I had to put them all away (in my perfectly organised colour coordinated button jars) and start again! This was the second batch...
 I now have so many white buttons that they've spilled over into a tin now too!
These were some of my favourites - lots of plastic and bright colours!
There is a very pretty green one with flowers on it, but it's too small to get a good photograph!
There were lots of bits and bobs in the bag, as well as buttons, as with any good button stash! There were lots of little metal loops, which sparked the idea that I could make stitch markers - so I picked out some of the lovely mother of pearl buttons and some pretty metal ones, and started work! And here they are...
I made eighteen, and now I'm sure I'll be looking out for patterns where I'll need to use them!


  1. Lovely buttons! Can't wait to see what beautiful use you put them to x

  2. I've always loved buttons. When I was a kid I used to go shopping with my mum to the haberdashery shop, and while she got her bits and pieces, I'd just sit in front of the tubes of buttons dreaming about which ones I wanted to take home and play with. Mum had a button jar and occasionally, but rarely, she'd let me tip them out and play with them, maybe try to make necklaces or something with them. When I grew up, I determined, I was going to have my own button jar - an ambition I realised a year or so ago. (I have button ratings for books on my blog, instead of star ratings.)

    1. I seem to remember a similar experience, there was a little nook in the local yarn shop which had hundreds of tubes of buttons - I always liked the ones with little pictures on them, and the ones shaped like ducks!! I always wanted a button jar too, and now I have lots, all colour coordinated so it's easy to find the exact right button! It's a teensy bit obsessive compulsive actually!


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