Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Busy Day!

This is a little snapshot of the highlight of my day today...I had a hospital appointment and missed out on opening the stall, but  I tried to make the best of it with by spoiling myself with a look around the shops and lots of tea and a lovely piece of German Apple Cake in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery cafe, before going on to Birmingham for my appointment. I also treated myself to a lovely fabric flower corsage from the gallery shop because it was just so pretty! I'm reading "Surfacing" by Margaret Atwood at the moment - my fifth book for March.
I had a mooch around the charity shops, but unusually didn't find anything - although I can't complain after my lovely book find yesterday! This evening I am taking it easy after having blood tests - we're sharing a box of macaroons and watching "The Rum Diary" with the kitties - I am admittedly a bit wimpy with blood tests, despite having had more piercings than I care to count, and three tattoos! 

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