Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Makings!

It's been the perfect Sunday - my lovely husband and I have been for a cup of tea in our favourite cafe, had Sunday lunch out, and we've had a chilled afternoon watching "Harry Potter" movies and I've been crocheting  snuggled up with the kitties on the sofa. 

Here's Brian trying out my chevron blanket. He seems to rather like it.
I'm quite enjoying trying out the colours from my new stash of yarn, they seem to be working well!


  1. I love days like that. The blanket is going to be so nice. I have one that only needs a few more rows. Gotta get on that, but between you and Fi (a blogger on my sidebar) showing us those crocheted flowers, and the granny squares I've been making, I think I need to make some flowers. The afghan will have to wait.

    Cindy Bee

    1. I think the problem with big projects is that by their very nature they take ages to make, so it's easy to be inspired by new things at the same time! I'm working away at this blanket slowly, a couple of rows per day, as well as carrying around the more portable sock knitting! The blanket is only about 1/3 done though so I have a long way to go yet!


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