Monday, 13 February 2012


I've had a really fun day with my lovely husband - we've been on a charity shop mission, and this was the result...
More books. I know, I have a problem. But in my defence, I am really getting through my stash of books quite quickly, and I'm mostly pretty good about passing books on when I've finished them (Bookmooch, for example, is a good way to keep my hoarding ways under control...). I am reading two books at the moment - "Nights at the Circus" by Angela Carter, and "The Penelopiad" by Margaret Atwood (obviously I'm quite addicted to her at the moment since I bought two more of her books today!). I don't tend to like to read two books at once, but "Nights at the Circus" is a loaner, and since I tend to read and drink tea at the same time, as well as cart books around in my bag all over the place, it would be inevitable that something would happen to this book just because it isn't mine! 
I have a list of books and authors that I'm on the lookout for, for future reading and to make my charity shopping more structured...
  • Scarlett Thomas - "PopCo" and "Our Tragic Universe"
  • David Nicholls - "The Understudy"
  • Ian McEwan - "The Daydreamer", "The Cement Garden", "First Love, Last Rites" and "In Between the Sheets"
  • Anything by Angela Carter that isn't "Nights at the Circus" or "Wise Children" 
  • Sara Gruen - "Ape House"
  • Esther Freud - "Lucky Break"
  • Andrew Kaufman - "The Tiny Wife"
Not a huge list really, manageable at least! 


  1. How are you finding Nights at the Circus? I read it for my a-level and didn't like it then but I may do if I re-read it!

    1. I'm enjoying it so far, it's quite hard-going though!


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