Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New Socks...

I've had a busy day working on the display cabinets in my stall and putting orders together to send all over the place, so I haven't had any time to work on my new socks, but nonetheless they are coming along nicely!
This is my forth pair, and they're not as stripey as the last two pairs that I made, but I like the subtle pattern! The ribbed section is pink and a mossy green (I'm afraid it's not all that obvious...) and the zig-zag bit is pink and white - I think they're going to be pretty spiffy! 
I am getting on quite well with "Water for Elephants", I'm on page 166 already, and I'm really enjoying it!
I just wanted to share a couple of bookish blogs that I've stumbled across recently, just in case anyone is interested...

Both worth a read!

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  1. It's definitely the time of year for woolly socks. Very pretty! :)


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