Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Creative Space

This evening I am preparing for a crochet lesson that I have tomorrow. It's going to be really nice - I showed the lady how to make granny squares last summer, and tomorrow I'll be showing her how to join them! I can't wait to see how her squares came out - it's lovely to know that she kept going after our original lesson!
I will be taking a bundle of African Flower Hexagons to join, so this evening I am crocheting the white edges around some of the flowers in preparation. I thought it would be good to both be working on joining at the same time, and since the flowers have been sat in my "in-progress" basket for ages I thought it might be about time to do something with them!
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  1. I am sure you will both enjoy tomorrow and she will walk away a happy lady.

  2. Oh those african flowers are looking terrific! I will do some of those one day! They really are effective! Well done! Hope you had a great catch up lesson joining stuff!


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