Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Creative Space

I am spending the day on the living room floor working on a couple of projects - my Chevron Blanket, pink socks and my cable knit scarf. I have been wondering about the possibility of working through a book of knitting stitches and making a bundle of cable knitting swatches, so that I can practise, and eventually stitch them all together into a blanket or something...Not that I need more large projects, the chevron is keeping me busy enough! I've been playing around with my yarn to work out which colours work together for the next couple of rows of my blanket - It's coming along quite well so far.

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  1. I've seen books like that where each square is a different knitting pattern and you put them together to make a blanket. All of your projects look great.

    Cindy Bee

    1. I think I will end up doing that to be honest, I'm hopeless at doing the same pattern over and over again, maybe swatches are the way to go! Have you tried crocheting some flowers yet? I'm sure you'll love them!x


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