Saturday, 4 February 2012

Making things pretty!

When I first opened my stall I bought two very pretty glass cabinets, and for several months now they have been in a stall downstairs in the market displaying my work, as part of a deal with another stall-holder where we exchanged space. This week they came back up to live in my stall, so I had some fun on Wednesday re-dressing them with new stock, and making them look pretty. 
I think there might be a bit more to do to finish them off, but for now I think they look pretty good! 
Today has been a strange day - the market has been pretty quiet because of the threat of snow, but we've only really had a bit of a flurry. After I finished for the day, my lovely husband came to meet me and we went for a nice walk around the town in the snow, had a look in the charity shops and went for a hot chocolate and now we're having a lovely cosy evening at home. Perfect!

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