Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Knit, Knit, Knit!

I had one of those days today where I just couldn't settle on anything - I did a bit on my socks, figured out a pattern for cable knit fingerless gloves which I started knitting but halfway through the first one decided that I didn't like the yarn, and finally settled on trying out a pattern for a cable knit scarf. (I'm sure I'm not alone in my antsy-pantsy days but even by my standards today was bad. I'm not sure what caused it either, just one of those days I'm sure.)
So I have finally tackled my cable knitting phobia - this was similar to my sock-knitting phobia, in that it was also caused by some mean-spirited knitters that I have encountered over the years who like to keep things secret, possibly so no-one realises that, as with all things, practise makes perfect! (I have to state categorically here that most knitters I have encountered have been delightful, but there's always a bad apple...) So, these grumpy knitters encouraged the idea that cable knitting was terribly tricksy, and far beyond my capabilities, but I decided today that I wouldn't be beaten! 
This is my effort so far...

The pattern is from a book called "I love Knitting; 25 loopy projects that will show you how to knit easily and quickly" which was kindly given to me a couple of weeks ago. It is a very straightforward book that would be perfect for beginners, and it has really simple explanations of things like cable knitting, with some really quite crazy patterns to try. So I'm working on the Girls Casual Scarf pattern, and hoping that I'm doing it right! Rather than the suggested yarn, I have used a double thickness of dk yarn and 8mm needles so it won't be too chunky, and I think it will need to be stripey at some point because it's only an odd ball of double knit - I'm not one to worry about putting in a bit of colour though! 
So in my antsy-pantsy state of mind, I have started a project before finishing another. Under normal circumstances I think that would count as a violation of my New Years Resolution, but to be honest I think today I will plead temporary insanity and let it go - I really just needed something to keep me occupied. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more straightforward and productive day...

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