Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Days Off!

I've had a couple of really relaxing days off - Sunday was spent with my lovely husband, drinking tea in our favourite cafe, reading, and watching cheesy re-runs of "CSI:NY" and "NCIS". Yesterday I had a lovely long lunch with my sister, as well as mooching around the charity shops and drinking lots of tea. Today I went to Wolverhampton, and had a look around the charity shops, the art gallery, reading in a bunch of the cafes, and yet again a whole bunch of tea!
I finished "Saturday" by Ian McEwan on Sunday, and "A Winter Book" by Tove Jansson today, but as always have managed to find some new stuff to read - I picked up Joanne Harris "Blue Eyed Boy" and Doris Lessing "The Cleft" yesterday, and Scarlett Thomas "PopCo" and Emma Donoghue "Room" today. I also got another copy of "Ariel" by Sylvia Plath - I was weak - it was 50p and it is a different edition to the one I already had! I started "Room" when I finished "A Winter Book", it's really well written despite the content (I'm avoiding spoilers because I suspect I will be recommending it!). 
I'm hoping tomorrow will be a productive day in the stall, I'm planning to make some fabric tote bags. 


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