Friday, 3 February 2012

Busy Days!

I've had a really lovely day, one of those days where everything has been really exciting! It started out a little bit shaky with unhappy chickens (they don't like ice) and as a result of their shenanigans I was late to open the stall. But after that everything was fab - I did a telephone interview with a really nice reporter from one of the local papers, which I think went pretty well, then I spent a bit of time knitting my latest sock, and I had an email from lovely Emmah from the gorgeous blog Vintage Sweetheart because there are pics of her wearing a necklace that I made for her and she really is as cute as a button!

many thanks to lovely Emmah for giving me permission to use her  gorgeous photograph!

When I finished in the stall I had a really great meeting with Lowri from Siop Cwlwm about our next collaboration, which I will be designing over the weekend. Lowri co-owns (with her lovely mum Linda) a shop selling Welsh language products in the Market, and I have been making exclusive products for them for about a year now, including brooches and necklaces featuring Welsh dragons, Christmas baubles with Welsh phrases, and various personalised products. Today we've been working out some ideas for new personalised goodies, so I'll be making some samples next week!
And to finish off the day nicely, I've had a very lovely evening with my hubby, eating pizza and macarons, and watching "High Fidelity". I think I might well need to re-read the book, I had forgotten how much I love the obsessive list making and musical geekery! 

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